A Helpful Guide To Vamoose Fly Rugs For Your Horse


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What Is Vamoose Technology ? 

Vamoose is a powerful  and effective fabric treatment used & patented  by Horseware Ireland in a range of their equine fly rugs that helps to repel flies and insects as well as physically  block them from  landing on your horse or pony. The fabric used in these fly rugs  has been treated with Vamoose anti -insect technology  a synthesized form of Permethrin , a naturally  occurring  biocide  found  in the  Chrysanthemum flower. 

How Can A Horseware Vamoose Fly Rug Help  My Horse In Summer ? 

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Horseware have Made a range of  Fly Protection products  including fly rugs,  midge rugs and  fly masks that utilise  Vamoose  Insect Control Technology,   this is odorless and invisible, but has been proven to repel mosquitos, ants, ticks, flies, midges and chiggers. This treatment is long-lasting on the fabric and has been used for many years  successfully in the  production of mosquito  nets . 

By repelling these insects  a  vamoose fly rug creates a extra invisible barrier  that reduces insects and flies landing on the fly rug outer  where they can bite through or irritate  your horse while grazing in the summer  it's  essentially like having a built in fly spray  ! 

the horseware amigo evolution

The Amigo Evolution Fly Rug  with Vamoose  

The Evoloution  Amigo  Fly Rug  by Horseware is  our Number One Selling  Vamoose Fly Rug  Launched in 2018 the Evolution has been a great success  with customers and horse's loving  it because of it's effectiveness at keeping  flies and insects at bay . This Innovative rug  utilities both Vamoose Insect Control and   smart colour technology as a natural deterrent to landing files .   Made from a soft stretch fabric  the Evolution Fly Rug  offers excellent  head to tail coverage . 

benefit of amigo evolution vamoose fly rug

•Bold Aqua/ Orange colour that deters insects
•Vamoose insect control technology
•Disc closure
•Knitted polyester / net body
•Sun reflecting
•Integrated neck
•Belly flap with Velcro fastening 
•Super size tail flap
•leg arches
•Three surcingles
•Silky shoulder and mane lining
•Sizes 5'6"- 7'0"
Buy The Horseware Evolution Fly Rug  Here 

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