Quick Knot Plaiting Aid

Qick Knor Plaiting aid
New In this week we have had the Quick Knot Plaiting Aid  a handy metal pin/grip that makes plaiting a whole lot easier and less time consuming while still producing smart competition ready plaits in your horse mane. 

quick knot clip
Quick Knot are available in packs of 100pcs and 500pcs  and different colours to match the mane of your horse. Quick Knots also come in XL for those thicker manes.  We sent a  member of the Leonaard Coombe Team home with a pack to try last weekend , Alison compared them to threaded plaits and banded plaits and we are pleased to say she loved them ! 
plaiting w ith quick knot    
First Alison done 3 plaits in Comet's mane all secured with elastic bands     The First plait she rolled up and secured with an elastic band , the 2 nd plait   she used Quick Knot and the 3rd she fastened using the traditional needle and thread.
 On the First plait you can easily see the band and although quick this method doesn't look as smart and professional, the Quick Knot and the threaded plait both look neat and professional the  mane difference being how quick and easy the Quick Knot plaits were to do

' The Quick Knots were easy and less fiddly than using a needle and thread, if i was doing a whole mane it would defiantly save time. Removing the quick knots was also quick and easy'

We also asked Alison were they good value for money with 100pcs costing £24.95  for the standard  and £26.95 for the extra large  and we are pleased to report back  she felt they were ! telling us 'if you are careful as you removed the quick knots they should be able can be reused a number of times' in fact she loved them so much she has bought more in a different colour for her other horse ! 

Quick knot 100 pieces Buy quick knot

You Can purchase Quick Knot Plaiting Aids Online or In Store 


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