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Dubarry Boots have been known for making stylish, practical  high quality footwear  for for over 70 years around the world, i quick glance around at any equestrian or country event and you  can see how popular Dubarry Boots have become you can recognize genuine Dubarry's instantly!


Dubarry Footwear  has created  the perfect amalgamation of traditional footwear style and modern innovative materials in its boots and the Dubarry Galway has become a iconic boot that has much been mimicked but never beaten you can tell just with a look a genuine Dubarry boots and a cheaper copies.  Dubarry of Ireland was born in the 1930's in County Galway and are extremely proud of their  Irish roots naming it boot styles after some of the country most picturesque place including Galway,Wexford and Clare. Generations of Knowlage of footware manafacture is epitomised in Dubarry boots made with moder specifactions and materials they offer consitant world class performance in the toughest of conditions.

A Gore-Tex Lining is a esential part of the make up of a Dubarry boot, the Gore-Tex lining makes the boot waterproof, breathable  and light it not only allows your feet to breath but helps reduce foot fatigue  and has wicking properties that draw moisture away from the skin.

Effectionatly known as 'Dubs' Dubarry boots have become favored by the Equestrian and shooting worlds you only need look around a equestrian event, county show or gaming fair to see how popular they have become and we have customers that over the years have bought pair after pair and wont consider anything else 

Dubarry boots are the perfect amalgamation of tradition country footwear style  and modern innovative materials. Dubarry of Ireland was born in the 1930's in County Galway. Proud Of it's Irish heritage Dubarry footwear names its boot styles after some of the most countries picturesque places including Galway, Wexford,  and Clare. 
Dubarry footwear is  constructed with a series of modern fabrics and specifications, Dubarry boots consistently offer you world class performance, even in the toughest of conditions. Generations of knowledge and skill are epitomised in Dubarry boots.
The GORE-TEX lining is essential part the make up of Dubarry boots, GORE-TEX  is waterproof, breathable and light, it really makes a difference when you are working hard. The GORE-TEX lining in Dubarry boots not only allow your feet to breath and help reduce foot fatigue, it also has wicking properties drawing moisture away from your feet and legs. 
Dubarry boots have become favoured in the equestrian world as well as by those in the fishing and shooting world, you only have to around you at a equestrian event, county show or gaming fair to see how loved and respected Dubarry footwear has become. The  stylish boots have  now also become popular for general outdoor use  and worn for everything from gardening to dog walking.  Leonard Coombe Master Saddlers stocks the most popular boot styles including the Dubarry Galway and Dubarry Wexford.
Leonard Coombe also stocks a wide range of Dubarry  accessories, Including the faux fur boot liners and beautiful leather handbags.
On our Dubarry Boot Size and care Guide page you can find Dubarry boot size charts, and information on Dubarry care products and how best to look after your new boots.




Dubarry Boots

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