Equilibrium  Equine Products 

Equilibrium  know that your horse is special – your partner, your friend, your confidant. We know this because that is what our horses mean to us.
Owning and caring for your horse is a beautiful experience and an enormous privilege. Few pursuits are as engaging or as rewarding and Equilibrium want to make sure you can offer your horse the same love and attention that he offers you.
 passionately dedicated to improving equine welfare and our mission is to create innovative, effective solutions to help horse owners like you solve common problems.
All Equilibrium’s products are of the highest quality and are made in a way that gives you confidence in their ability to perform and help you enjoy your horse.
Equilibrium are famous for their horse boots, Fly masks, and their therapy range including tri-zone, Stretch & Flex, Equi Chaps and Field relief 

Equilibrium Equine Products

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