Hit Air Inflatable equestrian Safety jacket


Hit Air Vests  Air Bag Equestrian Safety Jackets

Hit Air Have developed their air jacket design and have become a market leader in rider safety air vests.
Designed to buffer shock, and stabilise the neck the Hit air gives added protection to the neck spine, collar bones , lower back, rib cage and vital organs.
The Hit Air Vest is the only air vest on the market that has rib cage air bags  helping protect ribs and internal organs. the patented design allows the lower back protection to be neatly tucked away until inflation so it does not inter fear with the saddle 
The Air Bags in a Hit Air Vest inflate within 0.25 should horse and rider become separated and will inflate outwards preventing you from becoming winded and has been designed to suit the ergonomics of the rider. 

Hit Air Vests

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