Rambo Turnout Rugs 'The Best Your Horse Can Get' 

Rambo  Horse rugs from Horseware Ireland are considered by many the best you can get.The incredible popularity and superiority of the Rambo® brand is without doubt. Since it's start in 1985 Horsewares key policy of ‘Innovation not Imitation’ has taken them straight to the top In 1996 the Horseware brand received an award for their Rambo® Turnout rug for it being the world’s best Turnout rug !  its design has influenced many other equestrian designers . Horseware® continue to lead from the top in 2010 the Rambo® Optimo Turnout Rug went on sale. The Rambo Optimo horse rug is the very latest in horse rug technology! This innovative dart on the Rambo Optimo is positioned in just the right place to allow the horse to move in an exuberant manner while the front of the rug will move, turn and extend to follow his movement. The back of the rug will sit firmly in position without pulling forward or slipping. In turn this allows the shoulder to be freer, yet maximum coverage is still provided by the rug at all times.

Standard Horseware Rambo  Features :-

• Anti-Rust Stainless Steel Hardware
• PVC Covered Elasticated Tail Cord
• Removable Surcingle
• Plastic Loop for Surcingle - inserted as an option on surcingle to break under pressure saving your surcingle.
• Angled Chest Trigger Clips
• Anti-Bacterial Moisture Management Lining - Eliminates bacteria, which multiply in the presence of dirt,moisture and heat.
• Compatible with liner system(except for Rambo Wug, Plus and 'The Original".

Rambo Rugs

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