The Amigo XL Range has been developed by Horseware Ireland the makers of the world leading Rambo Rugs. The Amigo XLRange has been designed with the larger built horse in mind the rug have been cut with a deeper neck for a better fit,  Leg arch positioning has also be adjusted to take in account for the larger body. The Amigo XL range has gone from only offering a basic turnout to now being  able to offer the most comprehensive range of XL rugs on the market including The Amigo XL Bug Rug,  and the Amigo XL Hero 6 lite , both make excellent additions to you Horses summer wardrobe !  

The Amigo XL rugs cater for larger breed of horses such as draft, and warm blood breeds as well the smaller stockier breeds like traditional cobs and Highlands rugs in the XL Rugs come in sizes 5'9"-7'3"


The Amigo XL Range

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