Sprenger Bits Aurigan



AURIGAN, the unique and patented alloy from SPRENGER.

German Patent No. P4326550
European Patent No. EP 0 638 655
US Patent no. 5,669,210

SPRENGER brings out unreached features in the case of bit materials.

Only original AURIGAN bits guarantee optimal oxidation and therefore encourage the motivation and satisfaction of the horses efficiently due to the intensified chewing activity.

The result: Comfort and security for horse and rider

Therefore it is extremely important:

AURIGAN is not just a colour, but a taste that horses love.

AURIGAN provides a specific smell which can even be realized by the human nose. Horses love this special smell and taste and therefore accept the bit rapidly.

Vendors of "down market products" have tried to copy AURIGAN for a long time. These copies seem to offer the same advantages like original AURIGAN as they also have the same shiny golden colour. However, in addition to copper there are other materials like aluminium added which inhibit the oxidation and therefore cannot attain the same beneficial effect.

It is also claimed that one of the other materials is warming up faster in the horse’s mouth therefore giving a pleasurable feeling when accepting the bit — a statement that was confounded by tests. AURIGAN warms up extremely quickly in the horse’s mouth — faster than any other material used in equestrian sports. As a consequence AURIGAN also conveys a pleasant feeling for the horse in this aspect.

Successful riders therefore trust in AURIGAN — the original!

The evolution of AURIGAN


It is known that copper encourages the production of saliva and therefore the chewing activity due to its oxidation in the horse’s mouth. The only problem is that pure copper is too soft to be used as a bitting material. Since time immemorial the copper alloy German Silver has been used for the manufacturing of bits. SPRENGER produced German Silver bits since its company founding in the year 1872.

We made it our business to develop an alloy that expresses the advantages of copper even more and features an extremely high breaking strength. So SPRENGER evolved AURIGAN in collaboration with the Veterinary University of Hanover which exceeds the quality of the established German Silver by far. Furthermore, long-term studies have proven that AURIGAN and its oxidation are really appreciated by  horses.

AURIGAN is therefore the first material in history that has been evolved for the use as a bitting material.

Srenger Bits Aurigan

Oxidation HS-AURIGAN  

Overview of the advantages:

perfectly matched material mix:
(85% copper, 4% silicon, rest zinc)
no colour, but a taste
high oxidation = intense taste
high breaking strength
renowned tolerance
special characteristcs as a bitting material are scientifically proven
large variety of products



 SPRENGER has completed a series of tests concerning AURIGAN:
From the idea via evolution, investigation and practical tests through to toxicological examination and production of AURIGAN bits always accompanied by acknowledged universities, veterinarians and athletes..

The success of AURIGAN bits on the market has shown that it was right to develop this new material. AURIGAN bits guarantee highest quality and advantages for riders and horses against the background of unique research and evolution.

With reason you can always expect a little bit more from SPRENGER as the worldwide leading manufacturer of bits, stirrups, spurs and harness fittings.






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